This site was originally established as a resource to engineers and scientists. Having benefitted over the years from the information found in the old Small Parts, Inc. PDF Catalog, we felt that continued access to its structure would help others working in the world of "small" parts. Over the past few years, access to useful information about small quantities of small parts has become increasingly more difficult to find. So, the purpose of this website is to offer some proven suggestions for resources and products focused on parts that are "small". Hence, Smallparts2.

Initially these suggestions were based on our own experiences. But over time, other engineers, product developers and designers from multiple industries have contributed. If you would be willing to share useful sources of general technical and material properties information please email us with the links. If you have a suggestion where to purchase a product please email us with your suggestion. Or, if you would like to be part of the group that reviews suggestions, please email us to find out what is involved.

Here are some resources you can visit or download:

Small Parts, Inc. Catalog 22 - PDF Download

Stock Drive - Timing Belts, Pulleys and Chains - PDF Download

Fluoropolymer Tubing - PDF Download

Rio Grande - PDF view